How To Download Twitter Videos Online?

It is quite easy to save Twitter videos onto your computer system. All you will need is an online video downloader.

With over 326 million active monthly users, Twitter is a phenomenon in itself. Even when it doesn’t have a user base anywhere close to that of Facebook, it can still generate some great engagement levels. If you are an active Twitter user, you will often come across interesting videos on this micro-blogging site. It can often be confusing how to download and save those videos. Whether it is for sharing with friends, for research or study purposes, or for entertainment or other purposes; the following guide should make it simple for you to save videos using a Twitter video downloader.

Save Videos Using Online Service

Use the following steps to download Twitter videos when using an online downloader:

  • • Open the web browser and access your Twitter account
  • • Open the tweet with the video that needs to be saved
  • • Then copy the tweet’s link via selecting the option ‘copy link address’ from the menu. This will save the tweet’s link on your system’s clipboard
  • • Open the website that allows you to save Twitter videos
  • • Paste the URL of the tweet in the given field on the site
  • • Select the ‘download’ option

An ideal online video downloader should give you the option to select the format of the video to be downloaded. You may also be able to adjust the resolution of the file. Once all the parameters are set, click the ‘save’ option and the video file should be saved on your computer system. You may also be required to provide information on the location where the file needs to be saved.

Download Video Using a Browser Extension

Another way to download Twitter videos is to install an extension on your browser. Some free online video downloader apps provide their extension that can be installed on your browser. This will simplify the task whenever you need to save a Twitter video. Every time you come across a video on Twitter that is of your interest, you can simply click on the extension to save it on your system.

Save Twitter Videos Without Using any App

Using a free online video downloader can be an easy and quick way to save Twitter videos. However, there is another way to save videos online without using any application.

  • • Copy the link of the tweet as mentioned above
  • • Open a new tab in the browser and paste the link
  • • Add the letter ‘m.’ after ‘https://’ in the URL and press ‘enter’
  • • This should open the mobile version of the micro-blogging site
  • • You should be able to play the video in this version of Twitter
  • • Right click on the video and choose the option ‘select video as’

The file gets saved in MP4 format on your computer.

So follow these tips to save Twitter videos on your system. It is recommended to use a Twitter Video Downloader, as it will make the task much simpler and faster.

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