Ten Best YouTube Video Downloaders for Windows

YouTube video downloaders have spread across the length and breadth of app stores, all trying to attract takers with feature-rich interfaces and multiple downloading options. These video downloaders provide a number of interesting components like multiple download formats, a number of video qualities, download of audio or video part only, batch download feature and so on. 

As more and more updates get released, these YouTube downloaders become more loaded with features that not only make present actions convenient but also try to improve the user interface and add newer operations. Speed of the video downloader is also a very important factor to be considered.

Based on a number of parameters, the best YouTube video downloaders that you can use for your Windows computer are:

  1. 4K Video Downloader – As of now, this is the most popular YouTube downloader on the Internet. Besides being multi-platform and able to download videos from different sites, its best feature is that it can download videos with audio, subtitles, and cover, from YouTube. You get a large number of format and quality options, video editing, batch download of entire playlists and channel subscription features.
  2. Gihosoft Tubeget – With a simple, yet highly intuitive interface, this tool allows multiple qualities and formats. It stays abreast of YouTube algorithm changes. Smart and efficient features like batch downloading, subtitles and ad-free usage.
  3. Freemake Video Downloader – Controllable download speed and automatic file backup are the main pros of this downloader. It even makes us forgive the incessant ads due to the software being free.
  4. YTD Video Downloader – It has an in-built video player, and gives you freedom regarding download format, quality, and location. The UI is slightly complex though.
  5. ClipGrab – This downloader has an integrated browser and configurable proxy settings. Format conversion and audio extraction are added features.
  6. XVideoServiceThief – This is a basic but extremely efficient open-source video downloader especially for YouTube. It is laden with every feature present separately in other downloaders. It is multilingual and multi-platform, with a lucid interface.
  7. aTube Catcher – While YouTube video conversion is, of course, its primary function, it also has a screen recorder that makes it a favorite among many.
  8. Airy – The thing that catches your eye about Airy is the extremely simple interface, but that does not mean it does not do its job. It has every basic feature of a video downloader and works extremely fast due to the minimalist nature.
  9. Winx Youtube Downloader – A dynamic analyzer n this downloader means you don’t need to manually approve a package each time the YouTube code changes: it updates itself in real-time. Otherwise, it has pretty much all the primary features.
  10. Kastor All Video Downloader – The best thing about this downloader is its speed. It has a built-in browser and allows you to preview the video before downloading.

    This list, though a good guide, is nowhere near comprehensive. There are tens of more YouTube to MP3 downloaders, of equally good quality. But when it comes to reliability and user review, these are the ones that score the most.

Supported Video Sites

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  • Facebook Video Downloader
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  • Instagram Video Downloader
  • TikTok Video Downloader
  • DailyMontion Video Downloader
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  • Tumblr Video Downloader
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  • Imgur Video Downloader
  • Live Leak Video Downloader
  • Udemy Video Downloader
  • Odnoklassniki Video Downloader
  • Brandcamp Video Downloader
  • Break Video Downloader
  • 9Gag Video Downloader
  • izlesene Video Downloader
  • IMDB Video Downloader
  • TV.COM Video Downloader
  • Puhutv Video Downloader

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