10 Best Instagram Video Downloader Apps: Instagram Hack

You would be surprised to know that currently, Instagram has about 800 million users, and about 95 million photos are uploaded every day. With the help of Instagram, you can stay connected with your friends. You can message them, and share your photos and videos with them. Instagram is a very popular application in a short time.

So far Instagram has been installed by millions of people on their mobiles. You can guess its popularity from the fact that, despite being a platform like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter. It is most popular in Photos Sharing. We watch many reliable videos or photos.

Which we want to save or download directly to our Smartphone. But so far, Instagram has not given us this feature. So today, I am going to tell you about some selected apps, with the help of which you can download videos or photos. Here we have listed the top 10 Instagram video downloader apps.

  1. Video Downloadr – Through this, you can easily download Instagram videos, and can also convert videos into different formats. This is one of the best apps for downloading Instagram photos and videos. Which comes with an in-built feature, which allows you to edit images and videos using multiple filters and editing tools? To add more fun, the user can go for grid styling and photo-segmentation.
  2. IV Saver Photo and Video – This helps us in downloading Instagram videos. with the help of this online video downloader, you can also edit photos. 
  3. KeepVid – This is a video downloader app, which allows us to download videos in the shortest time and absolutely free.
  4. 4K Stogram – This application allows us to download or backup videos. With the help of the best online tool through the URL of the video, we can download our favorite videos easily and in a short time.
  5. SAVEVIDEO.ME –  It is also the best video downloading tool. With its help, we can download the video by choosing the format and video quality as per our wish.
  6. iTube Studio –  iTube Studio helps you download all online videos. It is the fastest video downloader, allowing you to download videos from 10,000+ sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo etc.
  7. Instagram Video and Image Downloader – This video downloader for Instagram is a free app, which allows its users to download or re-convert videos and images from Instagram and Vine. It can also copy tags from Instagram and Vine.
  8. DownloadInstagramVideos – It is a web-based free video downloader, or allows us to download videos from multiple social media platforms.
  9. Repost For Instagram – Repost for Instagram allows users to repost Instagram photos on their account without them, and that too without adding watermarks. Downloaded photos and videos, which can be reposted from Instagram itself.
  10. Quick Save – This is an excellent Instagram photo and video downloader app for downloading photos and videos. This allows you to save an Instagram photo on your personal account. The app has a user-friendly interface.

With the top ten Instagram video downloaders above, you can easily download your favorite video in the shortest time. You will not be charged for downloading these videos, because it is absolutely free here. You do not need to make any kind of payment to use it. I hope you will be able to download videos easily with the help of some of the best video downloaders we have mentioned.

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How To Download And Convert Instagram Videos Into Mp3?

Nowadays, every person likes to click pictures and make videos on different movements. Uploads them to his social media account. Today social media is one of the platforms that makes people popular and famous overnight. Instagram, like Facebook, is a well-known social media application that you use to share photos and videos and like and comment on things shared.

People associated with your account, whose photos or videos you like to watch, you want to keep their videos or Instagram stories on your device forever or you want to convert the video to audio. A lot of people post/upload attractive videos, important information and video songs on Instagram. If you like Instagram stories or videos, and you like to listen to them daily.

So for that, you will want to download that video or convert it to MP3. But there is no facility to download and convert Instagram stories. For this, you need a different platform or we can say that a new app or website is needed. This allows us to easily download or convert Instagram stories in the shortest possible time.

Today for this will tell you about an Instagram video downloader website or app, which will be 100% useful and easy. Through this video converter, you can download Instagram videos or Instagram stories, or you can convert videos to MP3, which is VideoDownloadr.com. From this website, you can easily convert videos to MP3 which is as follows.

  • First of all, you open Instagram on your device. 
  • Click on the video you want to download or the video you want to convert to MP3. 
  • There will be 3 dots in the video screen that you have to click on. After doing this, the option of copy link will come, on which you will have to click and copy that link.
  • Then go to the browser and open our site VideoDownloadr.com
  • After visiting the website, the homepage will open. 
  • There will be a search box on that homepage. You have to paste the copied link into the search box. 
  • After pasting the link of your favourite video in the search box, the options that have been created will be shown, from which you will have to choose MP3 or format as per your choice and also select the quality.
  • After selecting the video format and quality, clicking on the ‘download’ button will start downloading your favourite videos or audio. Your file will be saved offline in storage. 

Through this Instagram story downloader, we will be able to easily convert videos of our choice to MP3. Today we are using all social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, all of which are not giving us facilities to save videos directly on our device. For this, we have to use many of the best video downloaders available on the Internet. With the techniques described by us, you can download your favourite Instagram videos from VideoDownloadr.com in the shortest time and easily.

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How To Download Videos For Free From Instagram Stories?

Instagram is a popular social app that we can use on our android phones and iOS as well as PC. We can share photos on Instagram as well, we can also share 1-2 minutes of Instagram Stories videos on it. Today Instagram has around 600 million users. Today is the most popular social media platform where everyone shares their pictures and videos. You can share your story from Instagram to Direct Facebook. There are many of you who will also upload Instagram stories, and you must have seen the story of the people you are following. 

Many times it happens that we like someone’s uploaded story, and we also want to save that story, but we are not able to do that if this happens to you as well, then today we will give you Let us know how to save Instagram stories. Instagram has become an important part of us and your social life in today’s date. In such a situation, many beautiful or attractive Instagram Stories are also found on it, which we want to watch again and again. This is where the question arises how to download Instagram stories?

You can download Instagram Stories in a few minutes by following easy steps.

  • First, open your Instagram application on your device.
  • Then you select the Instagram video story you want to download. 
  • Then click on the three dots appearing on that video screen, and copy the link to the Instagram story.
  • Then you open the browser and visit VideoDownloadr.com.
  • After visiting the website, paste the links in the search box shown on the active homepage.
  • When you paste your link on the search box, the related video will come to your homepage. 
  • This online video downloader will ask you to choose multiple formats and video quality. You can choose it according to your wish.
  • According to you, you can download the video of quality and format select.

Nowadays people like to spend most of their time on social media like people are connected to each other on Instagram. He likes to watch some of his favourite videos again and again, but the internet is not available to watch the videos every time. So we want to save them in our phones forever.

For this, we have to download the video. This feature is not given to us by Instagram or YouTube or Facebook. For this, we have to use an external app or any such website, which can provide us with the video with better quality. For this, VideoDownloadr.com acts as one of the best Instagram story downloader. Using this you can download your favorite Instagram videos or stories quickly and easily.

VideoDownloadr.com enables its users to download free videos. That too with every quality, So please use this website. It is 100% useful and absolutely free. This site gives you more facilities. With this video downloader, you can download your favorite videos in minimum time. I hope that by downloading your favorite Instagram stories from this website, you will enjoy it.

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Top 10 Websites to Download Instagram Videos For Free

The number of Instagram users in the world is thousands of millions. It is a unique platform like Facebook, on which people share their videos and photos. Some of those videos attract us, and we want to keep these videos on our device forever, but Instagram doesn’t provide a feature to download videos. We can take screenshots of these photos and videos, but this screenshot is not very effective. That is, we cannot download videos on Instagram.

For this, we can take the help of external web resources. These online video downloaders are useful, which ensures that with their help we can download any video on Instagram in different video quality. A lot of video downloaders are available on the Internet, of which we will talk about the top-10 Instagram video downloaders today.

  1. Video Downloadr – There are many video downloaders available on the Internet, but this video downloader is the best example in the field of video downloading. With this, you can download many types of video quality and videos in different languages. 
  2. DownloadInstagramVideos – This video downloader tool can be used to easily download Instagram posts or videos. You may also use this website to download photos, pictures, images, and profiles pictures from Instagram. Just copy the URL of the desired post or video and paste it in the search box to download the post or video. 
  3. InstaDownloader.co – It is also a reliable modern video downloader. Through this, we can download the video in a few minutes. Apart from this, this tool also provides us with the service of IGTV downloading.
  4. W3toys – It is a popular downloading tool for downloading Instagram videos and photos. It also acts like other video downloaders. The video is downloaded by copying and pasting the URL of the video in a few minutes.
  5. Video Downloader – for Instagram Repost App – This application is currently available on the Google Play Store. It is also a popular video downloading tool, which has been downloaded more than 50 million times. Like all video downloads, in this tool also we can download the direct video by switching the URL of the video.
  6. InstaOffline – You may use this video downloader tool to download as many videos, photos, pictures, and/or IGTV content as you like. InstaOffline is a 100% useful tool. It can be used to download as many files/videos and posts as you wish to. 
  7. DownloadGram – This website itself works like a simplified design. This website does not have any type of advertisement or additional instructions so that you are not distracted and can download many different types of videos easily in a short time.  
  8. KeepVid – It acts as an all-in-one video downloader. We also know it as a YouTube downloader. Through this, we can easily download our favourite Instagram videos. 
  9. Downloader for Instagram + Direct Message – This tool acts as an extension. Through this tool, we can download Instagram stories and direct messages in addition to videos and photos. 
  10. FastSave for Instagram – To download the video on this website, you just have to copy the link of the Instagram post and paste it in the search box and click on the download button. By following this simple and easy process on this free YouTube video downloader, you can download your favorite videos.

Through the top-10 Instagram video downloading websites given above, you can download as many videos as you want. These websites are 100% useful, which you can use anywhere and anytime. We believe that you can download your favorite videos using the step-by-step suggested by us.

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Can I Download Latest Trending YouTube Videos In My Phone For Free?

Traveling to long-distance places where network connection stands as a problem then during these time downloaded videos and music is the best time passers. One can easily travel anywhere with entertaining downloaded videos to watch on the way, therefore if you are thinking to download videos online and thinking of which source to rely on then no need to worry because we got your back.

What can bet the best option rather than having downloaded YouTube videos? One can watch it anytime and every time no matter if you are on a plane, bus, train or anywhere with a network issue as well. Downloaded YouTube videos are portable can be watched anytime without any interruption.

Downloading YouTube videos is similarly significant if the users have a mobile plan with some degree of data budget. The user can download them into the phone using your mobile data, home Wi-Fi, and watch them on the move without risking of getting data budget suffocated through the video downloader tools.

It’s amazingly stress-free to download trending videos from YouTube and other video social sites only if you rely on the best of service providers. YouTube itself offers some tools for downloading videos on both mobile and desktop, but here we have listed the top websites that enable their users to download free high quality content just in one go.

There are two broad categories of YouTube download: 

 • Though YouTube Video Downloader Software 

 • Though YouTube Downloaders Online

You can download YouTube videos without downloading any software on your mobile, laptop, PC or any other device. With our top listed websites, you not only get to download high-quality content videos but also get the option of selecting the format you wish to get the video downloaded. For, eg. MP3 or audio, MP4, MOV, AVI and less or more depending on the website.

But if you are thinking to download YouTube Video Downloader Software then it gives you only one advantage that you can download YouTube videos for free but yes the software will take space on your mobile.

So below are the top websites that allow you to download YouTube videos on mobile and other devices for free:

1. Video Downloadr is a free video downloading site that permits the user to search trending and the favorite videos online from many popular video sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, IGTV, and Vimeo, etc. and also enables them to download the similar to enjoy later on. It is entirely free and quick. Not only this, but the user can also easily download the trending videos from YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms. 

2. VidPaw permits users to download online videos easily. The feature that makes VidPaw stand out from all online downloaders is that in its place of copy-pasting the URL of the video. VidPaw permits users to search for YouTube videos straight on their website.

3. Bit Downloader is a free web application that permits users to download videos from numerous sites deprived of any user registration or additional software. The sites contain YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, V Live, and further websites. This free online video downloader enables the user to download videos effortlessly and very rapidly. The video formats that it supports include is MP4 and Mp3 etc. It also supports video quality up to 720p.

4. Savefrom.net is one of the very famous YouTube downloader available online. It is moreover the top downloader in terms of usage. It has a quick interface that supports fast downloading of music as well as videos from YouTube. Furthermore, this YouTube video downloader has many formats like Mp3, mp4, and WebM. Likewise, it supports quality up to 1080p Full HD.

5. Y2Mate.info is a suitable online YouTube downloading facility. It has a built-in search function that permits users to use any video by entering related or similar keywords. Apart from keyword search support, it also enables the user to copy-paste the URL of the video and gets the video downloaded in the phone easily.

Therefore, by using the above websites, you can easily download not only YouTube videos but videos from any site easily and quickly in the phone and other supportive devices.

Is Video Downloadr App The Best Online YouTube Video Downloader?

When you need to download videos from Facebook, YouTube, or another platform, a question comes in mind that how I can download videos and on which website I need to rely?  

There are many other websites as well which converter from YouTube to Mp3 and any other format.

1. Videodownloadr.com

Videodownloadr provide a platform from where you can easily download YouTube videos or any other video from different platforms. The videodownloadr tool provides you with free video and audio downloading options. They have very simple web interface that enable you with easy copy paste of link and download options. No mess and registration required.

2. ClipConverter.CC

ClipConverter.CC is an online video downloader, users can use it to download videos from YouTube and other 10,000+ hot websites, and the resolution can go up to full HD 1080p, 4K. It has an integrated converter that permits users to convert videos to changed formats. 

3. Converto.io

This online video saving website similarly permits users to save and convert any YouTube video to MP3. You can edit the file name, modify ID3 tag and cut the audio if you choose to download the online video as MP3 audio.

4. Video Grabber 

It is YouTube online HD video downloader, a web-based YouTube video downloader that provides users with the options to take hold of videos. Apart from downloading, it too gives a function of converting videos from YouTube to the formats like MKV, MP4.

5. Ytmp3

The converter website where you can convert YouTube videos to mp4 (video) files or mp3 (audio)and download them for free. This service work for mobile, computers, tablets devices. 

6. Y2mate

It is the world’s second-biggest search engine for its huge video content. It has a constant increase in popularity every year at great speed. It is an online YouTube video downloader site; users of Y2mate can download and convert video from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. to MP3, MP4 in HD format.

7. Online Video Converter

It is an option that can save HD videos online without any quality loss. Online Video Converter is a professional video downloader & YouTube converter online website which can download YouTube videos like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV & WEBM formats


It is the best online tool to convert videos from Facebook to mp3 (audio) files and free download them. Their service works for mobile devices, tablets, and computers. 

9. YouTubNow

It is a video downloader for video lovers, making it easy and safe to download YouTube videos, TV shows, music, playlists, and subtitles. They also have simple interface that is user friendly can be give you access to number of videos available on YouTube. From here you can download Fb/Facebook Videos or YouTube videos and save them directly from Facebook or YouTube to the mobile or computer for Free.

Thus with the help of the above online video downloader websites, you can quickly get your work done as your requirements of YouTube video download fulfilled. You can access all the site from your computers, tablets and laptops.

FB Video Downloader: Download Facebook Videos Online Like a Pro For Free

When it comes to downloading videos and finding the best video downloader websites, then it might be a tricky task. As there are many websites available online that provide you with free video and audio downloading options, but selecting which one to rely on is a big task. Thus below listed are the top Facebook video downloaders that enable you to download free FB videos:

  1. Video Downloadr: This website has a very simple and easy to use web-based interface that helps you to download videos from any platform easily. This website supports more than 25+ video streaming websites and also gives you a varied range of audio or video file formats to download the videos. You need to copy the link of the video and then paste in the box given. After that click on the download button, select the format and the file will be downloaded.
  2. Freefbdown: It is a simple online website tool that helps to download videos from various platforms available. One can easily download any video available on Facebook or other platforms and save it on his/her phone, laptop or desktop easily as well as quickly. For using this Facebook video downloader, one needs to paste the video link in the box given and click on download. Just after that, your download will start and get saved automatically.
  3. Saveas: This website enables you to easily download Facebook videos and convert them into an Mp4 file. It is a simple and easy tool which works quite smoothly while converting a facebook video to mp3 or mp4 file. One has to copy-paste the link in the box given and clicks on the download button that will save the video in a high-quality format easily in a phone or laptop.
  4. CNET Download: This is the fourth in our list and surely not the least used one. It can also be used as a video to the audio converter as it can convert files within seconds. The website can be used on a laptop, mobile phone, computer, or any device you want to. All you need to do is copy the link or URL of the Facebook video you want to download and click on the download button. It works as a great Facebook video downloader and converter to convert & save unlimited videos.

Thus remember that no matter what type of video you’re downloading from your profile or the profile of others, it must be limited and should not be breaking any privacy or rules. Social media is a platform where one can easily get misguided and end up getting in trouble. Therefore before downloading any content online and using it somewhere else, remember to double-check that it’s safe, secure and rightful to do so or not.

All the above websites are free to use and can be used for free. The above-listed sites enable you to easily download files not only from Facebook but also from various other platforms without thinking twice. Just select the required format, and you are ready to go.

Facebook Hack – Download Facebook Videos For Free

Facebook has become one of the most important parts of our lives. When we reach a significant milestone in our lives, we cannot help but rejoice upon the achievement in Facebook through our achievement videos. There are numerous pages on Facebook that share useful, valuable, amazing and informational videos. Our friends and family also tend to share their stories and videos on Facebook while celebrating their weekends, special occasions or special milestones. But it doesn’t allow you to download videos.

So we are going to tell you a Facebook hack i.e. a list of ten video downloaders that will enable you to download any Facebook video for free:

  1. Video Downloadr – Video Downloadr is one of the most famous online video downloader, which permits you to download videos from numerous online websites, such as Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, TED, IGTV, TikTok etc. So, VideoDownloadr has an effective Fb Video Downloader, which allows you to download as many Facebook videos as you may want.
  2. Getfvid – It is one of the most efficient Facebook video downloaders, which gives you the best tools available online, mainling helping you to convert Facebook videos to MP4 and MP3.
  3. FBdown – Fbdown is an efficient Facebook video downloader, supporting the new URL architecture of the Facebook with improved thumbnail, video duration, video titles etc.
  4. SaveAs – SaveAs is a video downloader which is one of the most reliable free online tools that convert Facebook videos into MP4 videos, efficiently saving the videos onto your device. This video works on all kinds of devices i.e. tablets, mobile devices, laptop, desktop system and iOS.
  5. FBDownloader – FBDownloader is the fastest and the simplest online video tools, which allow you to save the videos into any format, having no limits for the number of downloads.
  6. Freefbdown – If you are looking for a Facebook video downloader, which saves Fb videos onto your mobile or desktop system for free and fast, go to the Freefbdown and download any FB video with three simple steps.
  7. Getfbstuff – Now download as many videos as you want with Getfbstuff on your mobile, tablet, desktop and iPhone conveniently and swiftly.
  8. FBKeeper – When you download this app with you, you may not need internet connection for viewing those amazing fb videos. Save your internet data by downloading those Facebook videos using FBKeeper.
  9. iDownloader – It is one of the best web applications, which allows you to save your favorite and desired Facebook videos with easy three simplest steps: copy the link, paste it and download.
  10. Facebook Video Downloader by Small SEO Tools – It is one the best available tools that provides an effective and hassle-free way to download the Facebook videos in less amount of time.

All of these Facebook video downloaders are available for free, and can be used to download Facebook videos directly onto your desktop, mobile phone, laptop or iPhone. There is no restricted limit on the number of downloads, so download as many videos as you may wish. And when you are out of internet connection, enjoy those downloaded videos.

Visit these Facebook video downloaders, and download your favorite Facebook videos now!

Top 10 Free YouTube Mp4 Video Downloaders

It is probable that some of you wish to download YouTube videos on your devices to watch the same offline without burning up your internet data. Sometimes, while traveling we can be at a location where internet services are not up to the mark. So downloading your favorite YouTube videos in such situations can be a lifesaver as then we can enjoy watching the videos offline without any necessity of the internet.

However, which are the top 10 free YouTube mp4 video downloaders? Find all below:

  • 1. Video Downloadr – This is one of the most easy-to-use video downloaders to download YouTube videos in mp4 format. It allows its users to download or save any of the YouTube videos in different formats including mp4 format. Its users can save the videos on their devices for free and watch it anytime. The best part is that you don’t need to download any app or login/sign-up to use this video downloader tool.
  • 2. 4K Video Downloader – It is another most famous, hassle-free and user-friendly YouTube Video Downloader, whose format and the interface is quite easy to understand and maneuver. Its most decorated feature is that it supports a variety of other websites – like it also has Facebook Video Downloader.
  • 3. Winx YouTube Downloader – This online video downloader gives you the fastest and the most comprehensive YouTube Video Downloading capabilities. Winx also allows you to download videos from other 300+ websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.
  • 4. Any Video Converter Free – This is one of the best YouTube Video Downloader – no matter what the name suggests. It allows you to save as many YouTube videos as you may want. You can also choose different formats and quality options for the videos as per your choice.
  • 5. ClipGrab – ClipGrab has been mainly designed to solve the YouTube video-downloading problems of people like us, who cannot find effective YouTube downloader online. You can work your way through most other popular video websites on ClipGrab including YouTube.
  • 6. ISkySoft Video Downloader – It is the simplest, yet the most effective YouTube downloader, which lets you download 4k YouTube videos in a matter of a few minutes. If you are willing, you can also extract the MP3 from the YouTube video in YouTube to MP3 Converter.
  • 7. Fastest Tube – Would you really go for fully installed software to download a YouTube Video on your system? Why undergoing so much fuss when you can download YouTube videos through a simple browser extension. Fastest Tube is a web browser extension, which saves you from the hassle of downloading spacious software.
  • 8. Freemake Video Downloader – With a user-friendly, intuitive and one-click facility, Freemake Video Downloader is the best and the most efficient YouTube Video Downloader available online for you to save your favorite videos on your hard disk.
  • 9. All Video Downloader – It is a unique YouTube video downloader in the sense that it allows you to search the video within its user-highly and highly novice interface, and lets you download it directly there and then.
  • 10. aTube Catcher – aTube Catcher is one of the most efficient online video downloaders which additionally allows you to download YouTube Playlists and YouTube Videos in batches also. It also offers other top-notch YouTube Video Downloading options such as format options, quality options, subtitles options, etc.

You might never know, especially while traveling, when you will be in a situation of slow or no internet, so you need to save the above-mentioned list of video downloaders as your back-up plan and download your favorite videos. Some of these tools also offer mobile apps, so you can download the same in your mobile devices to download your favorite YouTube videos.

As I said, these above steps are very easy to follow. Now, you may ask if this is safe or not. There is nothing to worry about, it is completely safe. As these tools are generally online tools, you need not furnish any of your details here. Also, no registration is required to use them.

Looking to download YouTube videos? Visit the above-mentioned top 10 free YouTube mp4 video downloaders now!

Are YouTube Video Downloaders Available For Mobile

You are scrolling through YouTube as usual when you come across a video that you have been searching forever. And now you wish to download it on your phone. It must be easy since technology has advanced so much over the years, right? Wrong. YouTube doesn’t allow its users to download all the videos on their phones; all you are allowed to do is share their links. 

While few of the YouTube videos can be downloaded and seen offline, the majority of the high-quality enjoyable videos are off-limits to the users. And as primitive as that sounds, it’s true and not changing anytime soon. That’s when video downloaders come to your rescue. They come in all shapes and sizes and these handy tools allow you to download video on your phones seamlessly, no matter what type of smartphone you have. Some of the best YouTube video downloaders available for phones are:

  • YouTube Go – It is a lightweight free app that you can easily download from Google Play Store. It has a user friendly interface, works quickly and allows you to share YouTube videos offline. However, it can only be used for YouTube and not any other website.
  • TubeMate – This one is probably one of the most popular and used video downloader apps for YouTube. It provides to its users numerous useful features such as inbuilt player, multiple downloads, background download and resume & pause. Not only YouTube, this app comes with an inbuilt browser that can be used on other sites as well. You are also provided with the option to choose the quality and the format of the video file before download.
  • Video Downloadr – Video Downloadr allows you to download the videos for a number of sites including YouTube for free. It is fast, easy to use and you don’t have to create an account here or download any app. Just copy the link of the YouTube video you want to download and click on the download button, the video will be saved on your smartphone device before you even realize. You also get to choose the format of the video file before download which saves a lot of your time and effort later in converting the downloaded videos in the format you want.
  • iDownloader – iDownloader is a great video downloader app for your iPhones. In fact, it can bulk download over 50 videos at a time for you which is quite impressive. It is not only a video downloader but also serves the purpose of File Manager for you. It downloads important documents and audio files and stores them on your iPhone for subsequent use. Free of cost and very effective, iDownloander is definitely a recommended app for your iPhones. 

There are numerous video downloader apps and websites in the market currently which claim to work smoothly with YouTube but not all are worth your time and effort. We have included above the top video downloaders that are not only 100% efficient in what they do but are also free of cost.