Video Downloadr: Free YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Video Downloader

Nowadays most of the people spend their time watching videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, the main reason behind this is that they can relate to the content of the videos. These days, videos are watched for a variety of reasons, some of them are entertainment, education, and news or just for spending some time unwinding. However, to watch videos online one needs to have access to the Internet all the while, which is not always possible. Therefore, the best idea is to download your favorite video using a free online video downloader and save so that you can watch to your heart’s content. 

Why You Should Use Free Online Video Downloader

One needs to download a video every once in a while, for a variety of reasons, which may vary from person to person. There are some free online video downloaders, which allows the users to conveniently download a video in their desired format, and you should use these video downloading sites, such as Video Downloadr.  

Video Downloadr – Free Video Downloading Site

Video Downloadr is a free video downloading website that facilitates you to search your favorite videos online from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, TikTok, etc. and download it. 

Features of Video Downloadr

  • Free Of Charge – Allow you to download videos, free of any charge.
  • Easy To Use – Makes downloading a video a hassle-free task.
  • Downloading In Multiple Formats – Facilitates downloading of the video in multiple formats.
  • Compatible With Browsers – Compatible with all modern browsers, Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, etc.
  • Allows Unlimited Downloading – Downloading of multiple numbers of videos.
  • No Sign-Up – No registration or logging in required.
  • Different Video Sites – Downloading from different video sites allowed, for instance, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube, etc.

How to Download a Video Using Video Downloadr

Video Downloadr, a free video downloader enables users to download videos from multiple video websites in a hassle-free manner. The process of downloading a video using Video Downloadr – an Online Video Downloader is a quick and easy process which is as follows:

  • Visit the video website from which you intend to download the video, for instance, YouTube, Instagram, etc. and search for your favorite video.
  • Now copy the URL of the video which is to be downloaded by pressing CTRL + C.
  • Then Open Video Downloadr, and paste the copied URL of your favorite video in the box by pressing CTRL+V.
  • Click on the green button to select the desired format in which you want the video to be downloaded.
  • And once the desired format of the downloaded video is selected, go ahead and hit the download button and your favorite video will be downloaded in no time. 

Some may need to download a particular video for entertainment, while others may require watching the video offline for education whatever may be the reason behind downloading a video if there is an easy and free way of doing it, by using a best video downloader like Video Downloadr, and then nothing can be better than it.

How to Download and Save Vimeo Videos to computer

Vimeo is the most popular video sharing site on the Internet, second only to YouTube. It is primarily used to share and host creative content like music, short films, documentaries and the like. Vimeo usually charges users for uploading their content on the site. But some videos have to be paid to view, called “Vimeo on Demand” or VoD, which operates on a pay-per-view basis.

Saving videos from Vimeo is no different from saving YouTube videos, just that instead on a YouTube video downloader, you must use a Vimeo video downloader. You may also use one of those versatile video downloaders that have YouTube, Instagram, Dailymotion, Facebook video downloaders and many more, all integrated into one. There are three main ways by which you can download Vimeo videos to our PC. These are as given below:

  1. Video Downloader Software – Once you have downloaded and installed a good video downloader application in your computer, go to Vimeo. Navigate to the video, open it and hover the mouse pointer over it. Of the icons that appear in the top right, click on the paper plane-shaped Share button. This will open a small pane with the header “Link” at the beginning. Copy the video link in the text bar underneath. Now open the software and paste the link in its search bar. On pressing Enter, a number of download options will appear, pertaining to format and quality of the video. Choose the desired one and click on “Download” to save the video to the local storage of the PC.
  2. Online Video Downloader – This requires no download or installation, and is best for occasional downloads. Copy the video URL in the same manner as before. Now open a New Tab in the browser and open the online downloader of your choice. We suggest you to use Video Downloadr due to its convenient user interface and versatility. Paste the link in the search bar and press Enter. A number of download options will appear. Click on the one that suits you best and click on “Download”.
  3. Browser Extension – This is the best option for those who download Vimeo videos very frequently, since you do not have to exit the site in this case to make the download. Download and install an extension from the web store of your web browser. Now open Vimeo. Some intelligent ones can automatically detect the videos on the page and load the download links to all of them; others will load the link of a single video on copying its link. Some basic ones may require pasting the link in the text box and then pressing Enter. Either way, all you have to do is choose the required download option from the pop-up or drop-down to download the video.

Some users will choose to add the download button to their uploaded video directly in the Vimeo site by a certain setting. For video uploads by those who don’t, the above options are great.

Convert Facebook Videos into MP3 For Free

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that is accessed by millions of people all across the world. The content creators upload and share the videos, posts, images gifs, etc. with their family and friends. Now you can convert the content of Facebook into MP3 format and download it for free so that you can watch it later on your preferred device.

How to Convert Facebook Videos into Mp3

FB Video downloader makes it possible. A Facebook video downloader is a tool where you just need to paste the URL of the video in order to download it. We have enlisted some of the best sites as well as applications to convert Facebook video into Mp3 below:

  • KeepVid – KeepVid video downloader is a web application that allows you to quickly convert Facebook videos into MP3 format. For doing so, you simply need to enter the URL of the video in the textbox provided and click on the given ‘Download’ button. For converting the Facebook video into Mp3 or any other format, you must select an MP3 from the drop-down menu, and then click on the ‘Download Music’.
  • Video Downloadr – Video Downloadr is one of the best video downloading websites that also converts videos from various websites into the preferred format. It enables you to search your favorite videos from Facebook and convert it into various preferred formats, for instance, Mp3, Mp4, etc. This video converter and downloader is compatible with all modern browsers and supports almost 20 video sharing sites.
  • Download FB Video – Download FB Video is an online Facebook video converter that allows users to download Facebook videos in an MP3 format so that they can enjoy or share it offline. You only need to paste the link of the Facebook video on the site and then select MP3 as your preferred format.
  • Facebook Downloader – Facebook Downloader is a free online Facebook video converter application that facilitates you to download and convert Facebook videos in MP3 format. In order to convert your favorite Facebook video just paste the URL of the video, click on the MP3 format and press on the Start Download Video button provided. And your Facebook video will be downloaded in the MP 3 format in no time.
  • Getfvid – GetfVid is a tool available online that converts videos from Facebook to mp3 files and download the music files for completely free. You can use this tool for converting and downloading videos on your computer, tablets and mobile devices.
  • KeepOffline – KeepOffline is an online Facebook downloader website using which you can download Facebook videos for free. By using the hassle-free functionalities of this Facebook to Mp3 converter you can download your favorite Facebook video any time. This online Facebook downloader is free of cost and allows downloading of an unlimited number of videos.

So convert Facebook videos into Mp3 files and download those using online video converter and downloader tools and enjoy beautiful music to your heart’s content.

All in One Video Downloader & Converter Tools

Every one of us has to download video content from video sites like Google videos, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, etc. For education as well as entertainment or any other reason of our own. At times we also require converting the video content in our preferred format like MP3, MP4, etc. 

The downloading of these videos from the popular video sites is facilitated by the all in one video downloader and converter tools which makes the whole process of downloading and converting a video a little easier. In this article, we have discussed the best all in one video downloader and converter tools which facilitate downloading and converting any online video. 


The all in one video downloader and converter tools make downloading a converting an online video a whole lot easier and faster task. We have enlisted some of the best online video downloader and converter tools below:

  • Save The Video – This is an online video downloader and converter tool, therefore, there is no requirement of installing any sort of software on your device. It enables you to download videos from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many other websites that it supports. Furthermore, it also converts videos online to the preferred formats like MP3, MP4, 3GP, M4A, and many other formats. In addition to all this, it also merges, cut, edits the videos and save a high-quality video along with subtitles and closed captions. 
  • 4 K Video Downloader – This is a video downloading and converting software that is completely free to use and enables you to download whole playlists, in addition to 360-degree and 3D videos. To download videos, you need to open a web browser, find the video you intend to download and copy the URL from the address bar. This video downloader enables you to download a whole video, or just rip the audio. You can also set up the preferences for the format of the video and the quality of the video to be downloaded through the drop-down menu provided. Furthermore, you can also select the preferred location at which the video should be saved and then download the video.
  • Video Downloadr – The Video Downloadr is one of the best online all in one video downloader and converter tool that facilitates you to download videos from a variety of websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo and many more. This online video downloader tool is compatible with all the browsers; thereby an unlimited number of videos can be downloaded in any desired format. 
  • Keepvid – This is a free online downloader and converter tool, which allows you to download the videos from various video sites, for instance, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Additionally, it also converts the downloaded video into your desired formats like Mp3 or Mp4 and many more.
  • MyVid – This is a free and secure online video downloader and converter tool that completes the task in no time. The main difference between this tool and other similar tools is that there is no distraction or hindrance while downloading and converting the video as there are no pop-ups on this site. 

Freemake Video Downloader – This video downloader and converter tool make video transferring and downloading easy. It is well known for batch video downloads transfers and also ripping the audio off the videos. This video downloader is compatible with various multimedia platforms. Nonetheless, if you want to convert videos into other formats, you can select the output format and the quality of the video.

Top 10 Websites to Download Twitter Videos for Free

Twitter is a unique social media site. While most other sites encourage you to write more words to express your thoughts, Twitter limits the number of characters you can use per post to 280. This means every person must convey their message as concisely as possible. Hence, people try to use more photos and videos, so that more can be said in less.

When we see a beautiful, funny or touching video, we feel inclined to save it in our personal storage. That way, we can view it later, as many times as we want, without requiring to open the site again or even acquire data charge. But copyright laws prevents us from doing so as Twitter does not allow the direct download of a video from its site.

This requires us to take the help of external web resources. One of the methods that can be employed is an online video downloader site. You might find these sites as standalone Twitter video downloader, or integrated ones that contain YouTube video downloader, Facebook video downloader, Instagram video downloader and many more. Some such sites are:

  1. Video Downloadr – It is one of the best Twitter video downloaders on the Net, not only allowing Twitter video download in HD format, but also from many other sites, and also supports multiple languages.
  2. SSSTwitter – This is one of the easiest sites to use. The download process is straightforward, still the site has added stepwise guides on how to do it. It provides HD quality videos.
  3. TwitterVideoDownloader – This too is easy to use and gives various quality options. You can also decide to choose the name with which you want to save the video.
  4. SaveTweetVid – Not only does it have multiple video qualities, including HD, it even allows you to convert and download the video as an MP3 file.
  5. Download Twitter Video – It gives you a number of language options, making it universally usable. You have HD and SD download options,and can even download Facebook and Instagram videos and convert Spotify playlists to YouTube.
  6. TWDown – It can not only download Twitter videos in various formats, including HD, but also convert them to MP3. It has an allied Facebook video downloader service.
  7. TWSaver – Also available as an extension, it provides medium, high and low definition qualities, has multiple language options and also Instagram and Facebook downloader services.
  8. VidPaw – It is also available as Android and iOS app. It can download HD videos. It also converts YouTube videos, and has the feature of directly downloading movies and gaming videos from its page.
  9. GetMyTweet – It can download Twitter videos, pictures and gifs directly from tweet link. It has multiple language options.
  10. SaveFrom.Net – While this is not a dedicated Twitter downloader, it makes the list because of the numerous format and quality options it provides, besides supporting most social media sites.

There are thousands of other twitter video downloader sites, but needless to say, these are the most popular, safe, versatile and easy ones.

How to Download Vimeo Videos for Free

Vimeo is a video sharing site that is a great alternative to YouTube. It has a huge user base, most of whom are associated with film-making and art. It is a great site to host and share content, which is often noir, indie or avante garde in nature. It is also much easier to upload content here. Vimeo and YouTube apply different business models for sharing videos. While YouTube does not at all allow users to download videos directly from its site, Vimeo gives the option of doing so if the uploader of the video so chooses.

Also, YouTube earns money via ads, while Vimeo does so by charging users for uploading videos as well as making some videos available on a pay-per-view basis, known as Vimeo on Demand or VoD. Thus, content on Vimeo is much more refined and of better quality. Vimeo videos made available for download by uploaders can be downloaded directly from the app or site, but for others, one of the following methods must be followed:

  1. Online Video Downloader – Many video downloader websites are available online that you can use to download Vimeo videos. For this, copy the video link by clicking on the “Share”(paper plane) icon that appears on hovering the mouse pointer over the video, and copy the link in the new pane that appears. In a smartphone, click on the vertical ellipsis on the top-right of the video, click on “Share” and then, “Copy to clipboard”. Now, open a New Tab in your browser and open the video downloader. Paste the link in the search bar, press Enter or Search, choose one of the quality and format options that appear and click on “Download”.
  2. Video Downloader Application – This works pretty much the same way as an online downloader, but one has to download and install the application. After that, copy the video link in Vimeo as before and open the software. Paste the link in its search bar, press Enter or Search, choose the desired download option and click on “Download”.
  3. Extension – This makes video downloading automatic. In computers, they may either detect videos on the page and automatically load the download links, or you may have to copy the video link for the downloader to detect and load it. In the mobile, the pop-up that appears on clicking “Share” will have the option for the app, pressing which will lead you to the download page. In each case, choose the required download option and press “Download” to start the process.

There is of course always the option of using a screen recorder to record the video as it plays on the screen of either PC or smartphone, but that often destroys video and audio quality and is also quite cumbersome. For quick and free download that requires no installation, you can use Video Downloadr. Not just Vimeo, it also contains YouTube video downloader, Facebook video downloader and many other services for most of the popular video sharing sites.

7 Alternative Ways to Download Any Online Videos

Videos are an extremely popular media form, combining both visual motion media and audio media into one to create interesting content. This is perhaps why all social media platforms have the option of showing and sharing videos, and dedicated video broadcasting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, etc are so popular.

People often not only watch these videos online, but also wish to save them in their local storage for viewing later on. But most sites do not allow a direct download of their videos from the site. As a result, many apps and websites have cropped up, that can be used to download videos from these sites to the memory of your device.

These video downloader programs can be either dedicated to downloading videos from a particular or might be capable of downloading from multiple sites. There are other ways too, that bypass this entire method. Some of these techniques are given below:

  1. Application – Many applications like WinX YouTube Downloader can be used to download videos from many different sites simply by copying and pasting the video link in them.
  2. Website – There are also many online video downloaders like Video Downloadr, that work the same way as the applications, except they are websites you open in your browser instead of installing to your device.
  3. Add-on – Add-ons like SaveFrom.Net, although primarily a YouTube video downloaders, can be added to your phone or PC web browser for quick download. They automatically ready the video for download when you copy the video link.
  4. Source Code – For the sites that do not allow saving videos directly by right-clicking or pressing on the video, there are several ways to do it, depending on the site. Some require you to copy the video link and add an ‘m’ in place of ‘www’ to open the mobile site; in other cases, you must search and copy the link from the developer console or the page source. This method is restricted to PCs.
  5. Screen Recorder – If all else fails, you can always use a screen recorder like OBS to record both the video and audio parts for saving. It is best to use a recorder that captures internal audio of the device directly, otherwise external noise will end up on the audio part and will have to be removed.
  6. VLC Media Player – This is a really reliable method, whereby you can download videos from a large number of sites by streaming them from VLC, obtaining the source address and downloading directly from there.
  7. Screen Media Tracker – These are either extensions like Flash Video Downloader or softwares like JDownloader, that scans a whole webpage, detects the videos I it and allows you to download them.

There are lots of examples of sites and software for downloading videos from any website using the above methods. However, if a site does not have a direct download method, it means they have a licensing agreement with the account owner. In such cases, it is best to ask permission from the owner before downloading.

4 Best Ways to Download FB Videos to PC or Computer

Facebook is the best place to share memories and good times spent with family and friends. This means that often, a Facebook post in the form of a picture or video, that involves multiple people, will want to be saved by the people tagged in it by the person who posted it. Now a picture is pretty easy to save directly from the site, but a video requires a little more effort.

The easiest way to do this is a Facebook video downloader, that works the same way as a YouTube downloader. However, that is not the only method. There is also a slightly longer, manual method, which is used especially by people who do not want to take the help of third-party resources as a precaution measure to prevent entry of malware into their PC.

The steps to download a Facebook video to your computer by the above methods is given below:

  1. Online Video Downloader – Copy the URL of the Facebook video by right-clicking on it and pressing “Copy video URL”. Now go to a New Tab in your browser and open a video downloader site that supports FB. Paste the link in its search bar and press Enter. A number of quality and format options will be shown for the video. Choose the desired one and click on “Download”.
  2. Video Downloader Application – Download and install an FB video downloader software in your computer. Now copy the video URL in the same manner as before and open the downloader. Paste the link in the search bar of the downloader and click on Enter. Again, a number of download options will be shown as before. Click on the required one and click on “Download”.
  3. Video Downloader Extension – Install a video downloader extension from the web store of your web browser. Then, whenever you will copy the link of an FB video, the extension will show a pop-up or drop-down menu with download options. Some intuitive ones may even detect all videos on the page and show the download links to them when you click on the icon in the toolbar of your browser. In either case, choosing the desired option will download the video.
  4. Manual Method – Copy the video URL and open a New Tab in the browser. Paste the link link in the address bar and replace the part before “facebook” in the link with “m.” and press Enter. Now press Ctrl+Shift+I(capital i) to open the Developer console. Click on the arrow icon on the top left of the console, click on the video, right-click on the highlighted link in the console and click “Copy link address”. In a New Tab, paste the link in the address bar and press Enter. Click on the vertical ellipsis at the bottom right and click “Download”.

All these methods effectively bypass intellectual property rights to extract the video from the page. It is therefore advised to ask the permission of the page owner before making the download, just to be on the safe side.

How to Download Twitter Videos on Android

Twitter is a unique media sharing social platform in that it allows users only 280 characters, within which they have to express all their thoughts and views. It is quite a popular site, that has a formal feel to it and is largely used by celebrities from all fields to voice their opinions and make important announcements. It can also be used to share images, gifs and videos.

We often see an interesting video on Twitter that we want to save for viewing offline later on. Earlier, this used to be pretty easy, done simply from the browser by copying the link, adding an “m.” before the “twitter” in the domain name to open the mobile site and saving the video in the same manner as a video in a plain website, by clicking the down arrow on the bottom right. But this became impossible after a recent change in the algorithm that Twitter uses.

However, there are still many convenient methods to accomplish these tasks in an Android phone. These are as follows: 

1. Using a Twitter Video Downloader App – Many such apps are available in the app stores to download videos for different social media platforms, like YouTube video downloader and Facebook video downloader. There are also such downloaders for Twitter, that you can use as follows:

a) Click on the down arrow on the top right of a video tweet in the Twitter app on your Android phone and click on the option “Copy link to tweet” from the drop-down menu.

b) Now open a Twitter video downloader like and paste the link in the search bar. Press Enter or the button on the right of the search bar.

c) Choose the desired format and quality of the video and click on “Download”. 

2. Using an Online Video Downloader – This method is common to both phones and computers. This technique is used in the following way:

a) Copy the link of the video in the tweet as before.

b) Open the web browser in your Android phone and open an online video downloader. This can be one for Twitter only or for different social media sites. In the latter case, you may have to choose “Twitter” from the list of sites.

c) Paste the link in the search bar and press Enter.

d) Choose the required quality and format of video and click on “Download”. 

3. Using an Extension – This helps you make the download without exiting the Twitter app. You can do this in the following manner:

a) Click on the “Share Tweet via…” option in the drop-down menu from the down arrow on the top right of the post. This should open a pop-up containing all sharing options like Email, Messaging, etc. The option of the extension should also be there.

b) Choose that option. This may or may not take you to a new window. The download starts automatically. 

Twitter is quite stringent regarding its copyright laws. So make sure that you have the consent of the user before saving or using their video.

How to Download Twitter Videos on Your Computer

Twitter is a social media site primarily used as an app on smartphones. However, it can also be accessed as a website from the browser in your computer or phone. In that case too, you can download a Twitter video to your PC very easily.

Like most social media sites, in order to prevent piracy and rampant copyright infringement, Twitter does not provide for a direct download button within the site. Therefore, some other method using third party resources must be used to get this done. Fortunately, thousands of such resources exist, in the form of online video downloader, twitter video downloader software and downloader extensions in the browser. Depending on which is more convenient for you, you can choose any one of these methods.

The correct ways to use these techniques are:

  1. Online Video Downloader – Most of the online YouTube downloaders these days also multi-tasks as Twitter, TikTok, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook video downloaders and much more. There are also sites for Twitter only. In either case, follow the steps below:
    1. Log in to your Twitter account via the web browser in your PC.
    2. Go to the desired video tweet, right click on the video and click on “Copy video address”.
    3. Now, in a New Tab, open the online downloader site of your choice.
    4. Paste the link in its search bar and press Enter.
    5. There should be a preview of the video with various formats and quality options. Choose the desired ones and click on “Download”. The website is a very popular choice for this.
  2. Video Downloader Software – This requires you to download and install a downloader software to your computer. Only download one from a trusted source that has good ratings.
    1. In the same manner as above, copy the link to the Twitter video you want to download.
    2. Now open the downloader by double-clicking on its icon.
    3. Most downloaders would detect the link automatically and load the video. If it does not, paste the link in the search bar and press Enter.
    4. Choose the quality and format of video you want from the options given and click on “Download”.
  3. Downloader Extension – This is by far the most convenient option.
    1. From the web store of your browser, download and install an extension for downloading     Twitter videos. This should be reflected as an icon in the icon tray of your browser or as an integrated download button in the Twitter site.
    2. In the Twitter website, in case of tool tray button, right-click on the video and click on “Copy video address”. The extension should produce a drop-down menu with various format and quality options. Click on the desired one. In case of an in-built button, click on it and choose the desired download option to initiate the download.

All the above methods list the most easy and convenient ways to download a Twitter video to your PC. But before you choose a downloader site, application or extension, make sure it is a reliable one. Downloading from questionable sources could infect your PC with malware.